Web Resources

Check your HTML code - HTML Validator

Check your CSS - CSS Validator

Learn Grid by doing - Grid Garden

Learn Flexbox by doing - Flexbox Froggy

Improve your front-end skills by building project - Frontend Mentor

Learn CSS Selector by doing - CSS Diner


Ambiance Resources

Coffee Vibe music - I miss my cafe

Studio Ghibli music - Cafe Music BGM Channel


Youtube Channels

CSS Wizard - Kevin Powell

Great for Full Stack Dev - Web Dev Simplified

Amazing All around coding video - Fireship (My personal favorite)

Unity Tutorial - Brackeys

Great for creative code and everything really - The Coding Train

Web Dev - ColorCode

All around programming - Programming with Mosh


Random Resources

Free books for design and coding - Lapabooks.com

Developer roadmap - roadmap.sh

Tons of resources for developers - Free-for.dev

Practice interview question - Candor.co/interviews

Introduction to Ai - Elementsofai.com

Tons of icons - Tablericon

Prototype Website(sitemap) - Octopus.do

Machine Learning tool -Runway

Quick UI tool - uizard.io